Writers of children's animations let voice actors loose on their work - NOW A PODCAST!

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Writers of Animations let Voice Actors Loose on their work! – NOW A PODCAST!

Come and join industry voice-over professionals as they perform new scripts at live virtual and in-person events. As well as providing a couple of hours of merriment, goofiness and play, this event also reveals the notes and processes that go on “behind the scenes” at voice recording sessions.

Watch as scriptwriters see their new work performed live before their eyes under the voice-directing skills of top industry professionals. It’s a high-speed creative roller-coaster that’ll leave you amazed (and amused) at the talent on all sides of the animation equation.

Could us working together elevate the quality of our content? Let’s play and find out!



This event is for people working in, or aspiring to work in, the animation industry. 

We heartily welcome individuals from groups who are under represented in the animation industry.

You can just observe with your camera off or join in the Q&A’s. And if you want to participate as a children’s animation script writer or a voice actor. Please check out our participants page by clicking the button below.

WHen & where?

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Our events usually follow this sort of format…

  • Intro’s
  • Writer’s introduce their work
  • ‘Play time’ where the directors and actors play with characters and scripts
  • Actor’s perform the script
  • We all discuss the show and offer up suggestions and share our thoughts
  • Then repeat all of this for the next script!
  • Q&A


In the past, Scripts Out Loud has organised by Julie-Ann Dean and Rhian Marston-Jones. We usually have the wonderful Barry Purves voice directing and a guest producer. 

The writer and/or creator of the chosen script will also be there along with the actors.


Children’s animated TV characters often don’t come into their own until half way through the first series. By creating a play space and having a dialogue between writers and voice actors, we can focus on building more relatable, rich and dynamic characters. 


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events, please email for more details.

Meet The Team

Just me!

Julie-ann dean

With 3 decades of experience working in children’s TV, I now have hundreds of credits to my name. Some highlights include Paw Patrol, Toby’s Travelling Circus & BabyRiki. In recent years I have won a Voice Acting Awards for gaming and animation character roles, both in the UK and LA and am now enjoying working on some popular video games and several children’s animations for BBC, YouTube and Netflix.