The scripts we will be explored for this Scripts Out Loud virtual event were:

The Polka Dot Hotel written by Matthew Bradley
A preschool comedy set in a grand hotel. During each episode, a new guest arrives at The Polka Dot Hotel and causes a commotion that can only be solved by our hero, Bobbi and her best friend, Sam.

Nick’s Normal Life written by Darren Jones
An animated sit-com for 7-12 years olds. When cool ‘alpha’ city boy Nick Norm moves to the eccentric village of Trogwell, he overnight becomes ‘Mr Ordinary’, and his waking nightmare begins.

The director was Bafta and Oscar nominated Barry Purves.

Our voice actors were:

Kate Harbour
Lisa Graydon 
Elexi Walker
Stephanie Cannon
Anthony Hewson 
Jonathan Sconza