We can help you develop rich and relatable characters that connect with people, and bring your script to life. Scripts Out Loud offer services to animation production companies and creators, giving you access to actors from first drafts or pitches to the final pre-record or dub. 

ACting 4 ANimators

Animators are actors, lets face it! The role animators have of bringing the pictures to life is a huge part of the development of the character.

Are you an animator who thinks getting some acting training might improve your craft?

Are you an animation company who wants a fun day workshop with your team, to build confidence in character building through acting?

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Remote recording sessions

Are you putting a pitch together for your animation project, and you think adding voices/SFX/Music would help?
Perhaps you need voices to use as a guide for the animators?

Scripts Out Loud can project manage and organise voice recording sessions with professional voice actors in professional studios, all remotely. Giving you broadcast quality recordings, at great rates.

If you’d like to find out more, email Scripts Out Loud with details of your project for your quote.

pitch package

Could we help you with content and delivery, to give you the best chance of getting your much loved project understood, and hopefully, in demand!?

This is a new idea and so we’d really appreciate your feedback at this stage. If this is a service you think could be useful, we have put together a VERY short questionnaire. Your time, knowledge and ideas would be gratefully received.

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Do you need some help casting and voice directing your project?
We are connected with a diverse pool of voice actors with their own professional studios, as well as Voice Directors.

Want to hear your early draft script out loud, or workshop it?
We can bring actors into the room with writers, to table read or workshop the characters through improvisation and play

Email Scripts Out Loud with any queries or ideas!

"Thank you so much for all your amazing work! It was so great to see how you guys operate and I think the voices are going to work so well"
Claire Handley
Paper Owl FIlms


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